Thursday, December 19, 2013

Year End & 2014

Back from travels and looking forward to our new and revamped posts going forward.  During our year-end discussions with active users of ETFG, we received invaluable feedback and we thank you. 

As part of our feedback process, we will be revamping certain aspects of ETFG Perspectives for 2014.  A few of these tweaks include the desire for some regularity to certain posts such as the Monthly Liquidation Watch List and the Monthly Smart Beta Index Rebalancings.

We also received requests for a “Heads Up” when something notable occurs within ETF Fund Flows, NAV Premium/Discounts and Quant Movers.  Lastly, we will post a regular ETFG Select List reflecting the highest ranked equity ETFs as segmented by Sector, Geographic Region, Market Capitalization, etc.

We thank you all for a wonderful year and look forward to evolving the ETFG Perspectives in-line with what readers find most useful. 

Happy Holidays!