Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In scanning the globe this morning we see that Greece has gotten another aid package, congratulations.  Maybe that’s why the Global X FTSE Greece 20 Fund (GREK) is up more than 47% over the last 3 months, although the Greek market is seeing some selling on the news today.  Quant did not get on board that rally as the fund has ranked near the bottom with an overall score of 51.3 today giving it a rank of 564 out of more than 800 equity funds. We found that performance data using the enhanced functionality on our ETF Global Scanner.  Under the Filter button near the upper right we begin with the “Display Fields” function where we selected 1 and 3 month performance and made sure that Risk, Reward and Quant were also checked.  Under “Category” we checked all four Equity selections then hit the “X” in the upper right corner to bring us to the output that shows the first 20 of 943 selections.  Notwithstanding how many we choose to show, we can sort the entire output by any column, ascending or descending.  We can then select as many funds as we want to compare by checking the box to the right of each selection and then the orange Compare button next to Filter.  That narrows the list to just those funds we checked where we can see their data side by side and sort by whichever columns we wish.  If you are not sure what you are looking for, play around with the Filter choices and then sort the columns and see what jumps out at you depending on your own preferences.  There is a huge world of Exchange Traded Products out there and the ETF Global Scanner is but one tool to help you sort through all the choices.  We have added functionality based on what we hear from our users so please keep the suggestions coming; if there is something you want to see others probably do too so we appreciate your feedback.  Just send us an email to support@etfg.com or call your sales rep or internal liaison.                                         

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