Wednesday, February 27, 2013

We tried to get the First Lady to make our announcement but the White House had her sequestered away doing it for someone else.  So your humble blogger is here to convey some exciting news.  You may have noticed the new Dynamic tab on our home page index screen containing our latest new indices.

The ETFGsm Quant Equity 10 is a smart beta index representing the top ranked funds from our Quant model as selected on the third Friday of each month.  The selections are implemented two trading days later and remain for the month until a new crop is selected, usually seeing about half the names turn over each month.  Some of those funds may be thinly traded, so for institutional managers with liquidity mandates we also devised the ETFGsm Golden Dozen.  That one works the same way but picks the top 12 funds with a minimum average daily trading value of $5 million.  Their year to date performance may not look very special but going back to inception in late July, both indices have handily outperformed the S&P 500, so keep your eye on them.  You can see more information on each at your Bloomberg terminal under the tickers ETFGQE10 and ETFGQE12.  Or you can click on either one from our indices screen and see their constituents.  We will also be providing historical information on them as we more fully integrate our home page with our calculation agent, Structured Solutions AG, an emerging leader in this emerging space.

But that is not all.  We have also engaged our calculation agent to publish our ETFGsm 500 which now carries Bloomberg ticker ETFG500.  It simply tracks the largest 500 ETPs, excluding leveraged or inverse, as constituted annually and rebalanced quarterly.  That one is unique in that is crosses asset classes and regions.  So if you are among the growing numbers of managers who invest in commodity, currency or fixed income ETPs along with the traditional foreign and domestic equity funds, you no longer have to track a benchmark designed for esoteric hedge fund products or one constructed to replicate what your portfolios already look like.  Your clients will appreciate seeing how their portfolios perform compared to a simple unbiased benchmark that represents the investment universe from which you are selecting.

We are in the process of getting those three indices published on as wide a platform as possible to make them fully accessible to the investing public at no charge.  So it shouldn't be long until they are available from your favorite quote provider; if not, please ask for them.  You can contact us at if you would like to benchmark against them or desire any further information on those three or the many other indices on our home page.  If you manage ETFs you need comprehensive information, idea generation with clear and concise ratings and relevant benchmarks.   ETF Global is that unique place that provides all three.  Not much movement in today’s rankings but we’ll be back to take a look at those tomorrow.

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