Monday, March 25, 2013

Lady Luck wasn’t very ladylike to our brackets this weekend but we don’t rely on luck for things more important than college basketball.  We seek out the best tools and comprehensive analysis of the important matters at hand.  When it comes to ETFs, our models have proven to be excellent selection tools for our clients’ equity allocations.  However, beyond Quant and our Green Diamond Reward Ratings, ETFGsm offers myriad tools to help you decide on other allocations too.  Our indices on the home page provide a deep yet quick and concise view of the world of exchange traded products.

Beginning with the ETFG Global 500 Index, you can see how the world of exchange traded products has performed day to day or year to date.  This capitalization weighted market performance benchmark was designed for managers who take advantage of ETFs to allocate their portfolios across asset classes and regions.  Reflecting the performance of the 500 largest exchange traded products, excluding leveraged and inverse, it is published under the Bloomberg ticker ETFG500 and we let managers benchmark against it free of charge, please contact us if you are interested.  Except for Dynamic, the other indices are calculated in house and provide a quick look at how those asset classes, regions and sectors are performing.  If one looks lucky to you, click on it to see its constituents and click on any of them to see their tear sheets.  Maybe an underperforming index strikes you as a place to capture value or maybe you want to get ideas from what’s hot.  We don’t tell you what to do we just make it easier to decide.  The first three tabs contain simple market performance benchmarks but the Dynamic tab shows our published smart beta indices that we have written about, most extensively on February 27.

If you think Lady Luck is eyeing any of those indices you can also take a closer look with our powerful Scanner. Begin by choosing which of the dozens of metrics you want displayed on the output and then select the appropriate Category, Focus, Region or any numeric filters or other screens.  Your clients expect you to use the best tools available to manage their portfolios and none have proven better than the ones ETFGsm brings to you every day.  Thanks for reading and good luck this week.

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