Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Occasionally we like to take a bird’s eye view of the top 100 ranked funds to see which sectors are scoring best.  The models’ broad market focus continues today as 69 of those are broad market funds devoted to particular market caps or strategies.  That leaves a lesser than usual 31 sector funds to help the top 100 outperform the market.

Beginning at the bottom, we don’t see any financial funds despite performing well recently nor do we see any telecomm or utility funds.  Some utility funds had been gaining ranks as low risk has been scoring better but not today.  Consumer staples also tend to have lower risk ratings and 2 make today’s list with XLP in 51st place.  3 consumer discretionary funds make the list while keeping with Quant’s low risk theme.   XRT leads that group at 45th place with a lower than average 3.57 Red Risk Diamonds.  All the monetary expansion has yet to ignite inflation and basic materials is fading as a favorite sector, 3 funds in that sector make the top 100 led by GDX in 17th place.  Out of 25 funds comprising the ETFGsm Global Health Care Index, 4 make today’s top 100 which seems to be the norm when we do these exercises.  Biotech leads that group with IBB and XBI in 62nd and 77th place this morning.   Getting to the favorite groups, technology has 5 funds in the top 100 and SOXX leads that group as it has most of the year.  Unlike most tech funds, it is leading the market year to date and gets 30th place today.  Industrials have also been leading the market and the 6 funds making that Quant’s second favorite group are all ahead of the market this year.  XLI is the highest ranking at 10th place but the others are smart beta funds that mostly have better looking charts. That brings us to Quant’s favorite sector, energy, with 8 of the 41 funds in its index getting into the top 100.  It’s been the favorite all year led by XOP and XLE in 1st and 6th place.  Both are ahead of the market’s huge run this year.

You can find any sector funds by choosing from the Focus screen in our scanner filter where more than just the 10 S&P sectors are available.  Playing around with the various filter options will show you how powerful the scanner is.  Look at the display fields to include any of our risk and reward ratings, Quant scores, fundamental data, or so much more.  All things you won’t find on any competitors’ screening tools and examples of the value that ETFGsm adds.

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