Tuesday, April 9, 2013

They were fighting in the streets with their children at their feet but that was to get into to Apple stores, not JC Penny.  Now the board that spurred Ron Johnson on, sits in judgment of his wrongs and the shotgun sings the song.  So it’s meet the new boss, same as the old boss Myron Ullman, who gets to fool them again.  We know nothing about retail but we know which exchange traded products are exposed to JC Penny.  Entering the ticker JCP in the upper right search box brings up the equity’s ETFGsm Grey Market Report.

Under the data box and price chart you will see the summary showing the dollar value of JCP to which all exchange traded products are exposed. We express it as Long, Short, Net and Absolute and next to each value is its percentage of the company’s total market capitalization.  Below that you will find detail not available anywhere else.  Not only do we show the 53 ETFs that actually hold the shares but we also include the 14 leveraged and inverse funds that track an index that includes the company.  Those funds usually get their exposure through swaps or futures but those ultimately get hedged with the equity.  If you want to see how much one of your funds is exposed to the stock you can click on the Ticker column header to sort.  Or if you think the news might provide a trading opportunity you can sort the Leverage Factor or Equity Weight columns to see which funds should experience the most impact.

So tell your colleagues that have yet to use ETFs that ETF Global is relevant to them too, especially with earnings season upon us.  Not only do equity managers use our Grey Market work but our Quant model provides region and sector ideas for their portfolio selections.  ETF investors have done well buying the top ranked funds and equity managers have done well by looking for names within them.  Whatever your focus, ETFGsm gives you the information you need so you can smile and grin at the change all around.  We are available to walk you through it all, just send us an email to support@etfg.com or call our New York City office at 212-223-ETFG. Thank you for helping us grow and congratulations to Rick Pitino and the Louisville Cardinals. 

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