Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The traditionally strong November to April period sure didn’t disappoint and with the S&P 500 more than 13% higher we need to ask ourselves if it’s time to sell in May and go away.  The ETFGsm models do not predict market direction but do predict the US market will continue to outperform in the upcoming months and we see some lagging names scoring better.  It is not all US though as today’s top 10 are bookended by Canada’s EWC in 1st place and Australia’s EWA in 10th.

Between those two are funds in the energy, technology and financial sectors as well as the broad US market.  In energy, 4th place XLE leads XOP and OIH tied at 7th with better technical and Fundamental scores and all three can thank their high sentiment scores for their top 10 ranks.  Technology is scoring better on good fundamentals although 6th place VGT’s Fundamental Score has come down as the fund has rallied over recent days.  That has boosted its technical score and brought out the bears to also boost its contrarian sentiment score.  PWO is broad market but has half of AUM in tech which hasn’t hurt it too much, it is ahead of the market year to date and still gets a 98.2 Fundamental Score.  PWO has been scoring well all year but its 38.5 short term technical score could be warning of a correction.  The financials are represented by insurance fund KBWI in 5th place and holding today’s 10 Green Diamond distinction again with a 91 Fundamental Score and a 76.4 technical score. Looking at the broad market, the best scoring fund all year has been today’s 2nd place SPY which has been a great way to ride the huge asset flows into equities and still gets a very strong 81.5 Fundamental Score.  Mid cap MDY in 9th place on a higher sentiment score has also scored well all year and has outperformed SPY.

Maybe you’ll spend May Day protesting or maybe dancing around the May pole, or maybe you see it as the classic distress call.  You have to decide for yourself how much to keep on the table for the historically weak part of the year but ETF Globalsm can help you find the prettiest flowers for your portfolios.  Look beyond those top 10 names because our top 100 ranked funds outperform the S&P 500 on average as do those with 7 or more Green Diamonds.  If you want help with anything you see on please ask us at

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