Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We have been mentioning more foreign funds lately and we see 24 of them in Quant’s top 100 ranked funds today, up from 16 when we took a similar look on April 23rd and the highest we have seen this year.  That still leaves 79 US based funds (since there is a four way tie for 100th place) representing the model’s continued affection for the US market.  The international funds run the gamut of development class and risk level providing something for everyone looking for international exposure.

The broadest exposure of the bunch is found in the 46th place iShares MSCI EAFE Index Fund (EFA) with pie charts using all the colors of the rainbow but more than 40% of AUM split between Japan and Great Britain.  Sticking with the more developed regions we see Canada’s EWC and Australia’s EWA in 5th and 13th place and the mostly Canadian but higher risk gold miners in GDX at 74th place.  Developed Europe has the broad FEZ in 30th place behind Switzerland’s EWL and Spain’s EWP in 7th and 11th.  France, Germany and Sweden also appear with EWQ, EWG and EWD ranked 16th, 21st and 28th

Moving to Asia we see the broad EPP and AAXJ at 8th and 91st place and both are noticeable for excluding the Japanese market.  Japan does have the small cap SCJ quietly climbing the ranks up to 25th place today (Friday’s DFJ has fallen out of the top 100).  China gets two funds in the group with PGJ and FXI in 37th and 51st place.  IShares also sees their 4 funds tracking Malaysia (EWM), Indonesia (EIDO) South Korea (EWY) and Taiwan (EWT) spelling MIST a different way with all four in the bottom half of the top 100.  That brings us to the 5 emerging markets funds which is reminiscent of last fall.  20th place EEM was a great performer then and is joined in the top 100 today by GMF at 23rd, VWO at 74th, ADRE at 85th and GMM in 89th place.

All of those get 7 Green Diamonds or better and range in Risk Ratings between Switzerland’s EWL on the low risk side with 2.1, akin to a short term bond fund, up to GMM’s high Risk Rating of 6.21 which is typical of the more esoteric equity ETFs.  Quant’s top 100 ranked funds have an excellent record of outperformance so click on any of their tickers to see their tear sheets and full ratings and constituent information.  If you haven’t signed up for ETF Globalsm yet, click the link in the welcome message on the home screen for a free trial and please send any questions to us at  Thanks for reading and have a good day.

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