Tuesday, June 11, 2013

29 year old Edward Snowden says the US government has a program that enabled him to secretly wiretap anyone he wanted, even the President of the United States.  Such government power may not surprise you but did you know that Mr. Snowden isn’t even a government employee?  The high school dropout with such awesome power is an employee of Booz Allen Hamilton, an information technology company giving new meaning to its sector.  If you are wondering how yesterday’s 2.5% drop in the company’s stock price may have impacted your ETFs, enter its symbol, BAH, in the upper right search box.

The answer is probably not too much.  Underneath the data box and interactive price chart you will see the equity’s ETP Grey Market Summary showing that 0.57% of BAH’s market capitalization is exposed to exchange traded products.  We say exposed because some of the 42 listed products track indices of which it is a member without actually holding the equity.  They include leveraged and inverse funds that use futures and swaps to achieve their stated exposure.  Investors who believe those derivatives ultimately get hedged with the underlying like to look at our implied exposure among those products calculated to the position amount based on its index weight, fund size and leverage factor.

BAH is somewhat unique in that its $2.44 billion market cap straddles different segmentations.  Small, mid and large cap funds all appear on the list of 42 at the bottom of the report, albeit with mostly low weights.  Larger exposures can be found among the constituents of the S&P 500 and we have compiled a concise list just for that that group.  Found under the Research button, the S&P Grey Market Report lists all 500 companies in one place, sortable by any column.  Clicking on a symbol brings up that company’s individual Grey Market Report which is available for any equity.

You can express your view of Mr. Snowden as a hero or traitor at the ballot box but in the meantime you can use the power of Big Data to identify those equity ETFs that are most likely to outperform the rest.  The ETF Globalsm Quant and Green Diamond Reward models have consistently done just that and unlike other ratings providers, we don’t keep their performance secret.  We will highlight each monthly performance report when they are published in coming days, thanks for checking in today.

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