Monday, June 24, 2013

A new week to open a new season and close out the quarter, we would like to see some change but Quant’s top ranked funds look the same.  Foreign markets also look the same with red across our screens as everything is being sold.  BRICS, MIST, VISTA and BROOMS are all getting swept aside and if you have to hold an equity allocation, the US has been the best place to hide.  Quant’s top ranked funds led on the way up this year and have withstood the selling better than most.  Not only do those funds look the same as last week but they also look similar to the end of the last quarter.  That was before the last leg up and some of those gains have still held.  The relative outperformance could be in a bullish or bearish environment as the current configuration has worked in each.

That configuration sees large caps tracking the S&P 500 (IVV and IVW) and Russell 1000 (IWF) alongside small caps in the Russell 2000 (IWO), three of the four are the growth versions of those benchmarks.  The NASDAQ is represented by our friend PWO holding all 10 Green Diamonds again.  The other 5 members of today’s top 10 include the Canadian broad market EWC, and Vanguard’s VGT and VDE bookending the group with technology and energy at 1st and 10th place.  Those sectors are also represented with IYW and OIH holding 3rd and 4th place. 

Entering that group of 10 into a Portfolio Tearsheet shows an average Green Diamond Reward Rating of 8.79 and a low average Red Diamond Risk Rating of 3.69 compared to today’s all equity ETF average of 4.52.  Lower Risk Ratings are preferable, especially in times like these.  Not surprisingly, the sector pie charts show more than 34% in technology and 25% in energy with consumer discretionary and healthcare the next highest weights at about 8% each compared to their 12% weights in the broad market.  You can enter up to 12 tickers, at any weights, in the Portfolio Tearsheet function to see how your portfolios look from a bird’s eye view.  It is another way that ETF Globalsm is providing the most powerful tools to manage ETF portfolios in today’s challenging environment.  Your questions have improved our offerings so please keep them coming to Thanks for reading and good luck this week.

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