Wednesday, June 19, 2013

To taper or not to taper, it may not be a question, it may be a fact of diminishing supply.  The varied international financial markets will react to Ben Bernanke’s transparency later today and no other place can provide an assessment as granular and concise as ETF Global’s home page.   That is where you will find our family of indices that segment those markets by assets classes, regions, sectors and more.  It begins with our benchmark ETFG Global 500 Index (ETFG500), the first in the world to cross asset classes and regions.  It reflects the 500 largest exchange traded products (excluding leveraged and inverse) and is relevant to managers of ETF portfolios that similarly cross various segmentations and had yet to have an appropriate benchmark.  You can follow this real time assessment of the international financial markets to Fed policy or anything else under the ticker ETFG500.

Under that, we have sliced the ETF market into its various asset classes, reflecting daily reactions and year to date performance of each, all in one quick glance.  The tabs reveal similar segmentations by region and sector which are also updated nightly.  Maybe you like to look for value ideas among the red or hot performers among the green, clicking on any index will show its constituents and clicking on any of them will bring up their tear sheet with ratings, scores and much more.  The Quant Scores drive our two smart beta Dynamic indices which are published real time intraday.  The ETFG Quant Equity 10 (ETFGQE10) represents the top 10 funds selected on the third Friday of each month and the ETFG Quant Equity 12 (ETFGQE12) is the top 12 that meet certain liquidity requirements common to institutional managers.  Both have outperformed the S&P500 and MSCI All Country World Index since inception last July.

We have others under development including a rules based market neutral index approaching double digit returns as it approaches its 1st birthday.  If you are interested in more than a reference point to all the different markets around the world, we provide benchmarking data on the ETFG Global 500 free of charge and others on a contractual basis.  We will also construct indices according to your specifications; contact us at or 212-223-ETFG to discuss.  Watch Bernanke later today for transparency into Fed policy and keep your eyes on ETF Globalsm for transparency into how the world’s myriad financial markets react.  Thanks for reading and keep your chin straps buckled.

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