Tuesday, July 23, 2013

7 of today’s top 10 are US funds but a wide assortment of international names populates the rest of the top 100. Today we will take a monthly trip around the world.  It is a busy itinerary as there are 38 foreign funds in the group today, not including the 12 global funds.

We will begin in Europe with the SPDR DJ Euro STOXX 50 Fund (FEZ), our old friend from last summer in 16th place; we hope it performs as well this time.  Other pan Europe funds include FEU and DFE in 51st and 63rd place but above those are France’s EWQ, Sweden’s EWD and Switzerland’s EWL ranked 32, 35 and 46. iShares’ International Select Dividend Fund (IDV)  in 57th place has 41% exposure to the Euro and their EAFE fund (EFA) and Wisdom Tree’s DIM are tied at 75th place with less.  You can cheer the future king with SPDR’s International Energy Fund (IPW) holding more than 60% of AUM in Great Britain and Canada.

Europe’s emerging markets are also represented within 14th place DEM and ADRE gets 20th as other emerging markets funds EEM, GMF and LGEM rank lower.   Asia is well represented with ADRA, AXJL and AAXJ also in the middle of the pack and Japan’s DFJ is tied at 20th place.  Looking at particular countries, Malaysia’s EWM makes the top 10 at 7th place followed by South Korea’s EWY at 16th and Taiwan’s EWT and Indonesia’s EIDO a bit lower.  India has three names led by INCO in 26th and INDY and EPI in the bottom half of the top 100.  China does better with GXC and FXI ranked 12 and 13 and PGJ, FCHI, and HAO also rank below 50. Even Russia gets 2 names with ERUS and RSX and Brazil makes 99th place with EWZ.  You can buy that bunch or buy SPDR’s BRIC 40 Fund (BIK) in 19th place.  Or you can celebrate Pope Francis’ homecoming to Latin America with ILF ranked 94. Coming closer to our home, we see Canada’s 9th place EWC finally beginning to outperform after scoring well since the spring and small cap CNDA at 40th place has had an even better bounce this month.

That is more international ideas than we have seen since late last year.  If you have been following Quant’s aversion from the international markets this year it may be time to venture back.  Thanks for taking our voyage, please send any questions to support@etfg.com.

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