Monday, August 19, 2013


We don’t know if we shall ever see 
growth prospects as bright as in technology.
Earnings have come in clear and loud 
with the highest growers in the cloud.
Not all beanstalks built on hope 
but many companies proving they can cope
with creative destruction changing the land, 
these aren’t castles made of sand.
Turning in growth by hook or by crook, 
a prime example is the resurgent Facebook.
It’s the top holding in the First Trust ISE Cloud Computing Index Fund,
today’s 6th place ranker jumping 23 spots with 8.8 Green Diamonds.
Its excellent 79.8 Fundamental Score 
suggests its recent rally is primed for more.
Decent mid 60s Behavioral numbers have remained, 
as technicals weekend but sentiment gained.
Trading under the ticker SKYY
its 40 constituents range from Zynga to Akamai.
Including titans like IBM and SAP 
and mid tier firms like NetFlix and NetApp.
It’s an eclectic mix compiled by ISE, 
rebalanced and reconstituted semiannually.
4.85 Red Diamonds is close to average 
so buying SKYY does not need courage.
Don’t be spooked by Cisco’s terminations, 
it may be time to add to this allocation.
The cloud is shining bright, its owners making cash.
Happy birthday to the late Ogden Nash.

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