Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wait Until That Deal Comes Around

Since it costs a lot to win and even more to lose, you and ETFGsm need to spend some time wondering what to choose.  The upper ranks continue to offer a wide assortment of US and emerging markets funds and the gold miners in 7th place GDX are actually outperforming lately.  So watch each card you play and play it slow and wait until your deal comes around.

We’ve been writing Daily Perspectives for 10 good solid months but have yet to mention 3 technology funds appearing in today’s top 10. The 3rd place Powershares Dynamic Technology Fund (PTF), 8th place SPDR Morgan Stanley Technology Fund (MTK) and 10th place Guggenheim S&P Equal Weight Technology Fund (RYT) are all enjoying their best ranks yet as they outperform the broad market since the late June low.  That performance has pushed their technical scores up to the high 70s with MTK taking a hit yesterday to 71.7. The positive price action is beginning to get the bears dancing with PTF and RYT seeing high 80s short interest scores driving sentiment scores up to the 60s.  MTK is the exception with low short interest and a 44 sentiment score but leading the group on the Fundamental side with a score of 80.5.  It also carries the highest risk of the 3 with 5.18 Red Diamonds.  Smart beta PTF does best in the Diamond model with 9.79 Green Diamonds and a 3.78 Red Diamond Risk Rating.  However, that Reward Rating will change when its portfolio reconstitutes this month.

Let us pour some wine for you and tighten up your shoes, we hate to leave you anywhere composing lonesome blues.  If you think that tech deal has already gone down, today’s top 10 has four other sectors represented as well as China’s FXI tied at 3rd and Powershares smart beta emerging markets fund, ADRE, in 6th place.  Even Europe is showing up in the upper ranks with Switzerland’s EWL in 11th place.  Check it all out on the Quant page where you can sort by whichever scores interest you most.  Only ETF Global® brings you a sophisticated quantitative model to cut through all the noise and select those ETFs most likely to outperform the rest. So don’t let that deal go down until you have done your research on ETFGsm.  Thanks for reading and happy birthday to the late, great four fingered Fat Man.

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