Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Truly Global Perspective

One of the terrific benefits of employing ETFs within your investment strategy is the ability to gain immediate exposure to many distant and often niche markets and sectors with only one trade.  This global reach brings the world’s markets right to your doorstep and to the evaluation of the ETFG Quant Model.  This global reach is certainly evident as today’s ETFG Quant Daily Top 10 rated equity ETFs are a diverse compilation of the world markets and sectors.

While the top two ranked funds are domestic with the #1 ranked XOP followed by #2 ranked XME, these are the only US focused funds in the Top 10.  The remaining eight equity ETFS are comprised of two China Funds (GXC & FXI), an India fund in INCO, two European funds (EWO & FEZ) and finally, two Emerging Markets Funds (EMIF & ADRE).

Just as interesting as today’s geographic representation of ETFG Quant’s Top 10, is the model’s ability to identify opportunity for premium returns within niche sectors.  Within today’s Top 10, we find a diverse cut of market capitalizations, industries and sectors.  Of particular note are the various sectors in favor which range from Oil & Gas to Metals & Mining to Financials.  Please be sure to take a deeper look at

On a different note, we recently heard from several of our Asset Manager clients and in particular those who run Fund-of-Funds about the application of the ETFG Portfolio Tearsheets.  These managers have found these aggregated tearsheets particularly valuable to review portfolios of ETFs often while replicating and/or benchmarking the performance and strategies of their underlying managers.  We encourage all of our readers to take a look at  to see if this application may prove valuable to you as well.  These Portfolio Tearsheets allow a portfolio manager to comprehensively review and analyze a portfolio of up to 12 ETFs.

Thank you for reading ETFG Daily Perspectives and congratulations to The SOJ on its Anniversary.

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