Thursday, September 5, 2013

ETFs with Apple in Their Eyes

Apple announced an event at their Cupertino headquarters on September 10 that “should brighten everyone’s day” but an event the next day in Shanghai is getting more buzz as they are expected to announce a deal to sell their iPhones to China Mobile’s 744 million customers.  If you want to see which ETFs could be most impacted by the potential news, put either company’s ticker in the upper right search box to see its ETFGsm Equity Grey Market Report.  That’s easy to do with AAPL but those foreign tickers are not as readily available so you can pull up a China fund to see its constituents.  An example is GXC, back to 10 Green Diamonds today, whose 2nd constituent is China Mobile; clicking on it will bring up its Grey Market Report.

In another case of ETF Global® going beyond the competition, we not only include all those funds that actually hold the equity, but any that track an index containing it as a constituent.  This picks up all the leveraged and inverse funds that rarely hold equities but almost certainly affect their trading.  If you are most concerned about the equity, sort the bottom output by Fund AUM or the Nominal columns to see the products that could most impact it.  The Summary section above will also interest such a point of view.  If, on the other hand, you want to see which products could be a good way to play the news, then you can sort by Equity Weight to see those that are most exposed.  If you like to buy on the rumor and sell on the news, Tuesday could be a good time to buy those products with a negative number in the Leverage Factor column.  Take a look at the equity’s price chart over various time frames to help you assess your position.

We will let you decide if the Apple/China Mobile deal is already priced in or not, our job is to bring you the information you need to decide which products are exposed to any market reaction.  Our Equity Grey Market work is another example of why even managers who have yet to embrace ETFs use ETF Global®.  Our models help in their sector and regional allocations and our deep information helps them assess how the burgeoning world of ETFs affects their books.  Thank you for letting ETF Global® brighten your day.

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