Monday, September 16, 2013

Join Us at the Forum

World markets are excited about the doves winning the Fed stakes even though the latest release shows the Fed balance sheet growing at less than $85 billion over the past month.  Maybe the taper has already begun.  In our new world of asymmetric financial risks, find out how one of the largest quantitative hedge funds manages their risk.  Join us this Friday at the NY Society for Security Analysts for our ETP Investing & Trading Forum where AQR Capital Management’s Risk Manager, Aaron Brown, will be just one of the distinguished speakers.  His presentation on Dynamic Risk Management will be must see for any institutional manager.

The other speakers are similarly esteemed.  Interested in Twitter’s use of the JOBS Act for their IPO?  One of its authors, David Weild will be presenting on the ACT’s impact on ETPs.  High Frequency Trading has been in the news lately and one of the wisest voices on that topic, Sal Arnuk of Themis Trading, will present and so will the Godfather of ETFs, Reggie Browne; nobody knows more about ETF trading than Reggie.  Fixed Income managers will want to see BMO’s William Kirby present on how ETPs live in that market and Hapoalim Securities’ Raymond Potter will present on emerging markets debt.  Brendan Conway who covers ETFs and much more at Barron’s will present on Emerging ETF Trends and his colleague, The Striking Price author Steve Sears will present on Options on ETPs.  Those are just the headliners. There will be others, as well as panels and lunch and cocktail networking sessions.

The agenda should appeal to any institutional asset or risk manger, wealth advisor or analyst who is interested in the growing influence of Exchange Traded Products in our financial markets.  The NYSSA will provide their state of the art conference facility in Times Square for the September 20th event from 8am to 6:30pm.  Register at

It has been a few days since we examined the rankings but our old friend XOP leads in 1st place followed by Europe’s FEZ in 2nd and emerging markets’ ADRE in 3rd.  The top 10 sees a few new names including First Trust’s Value Line 100 Fund (FVL) in 5th and their ISE Global Engineering and Construction Index Fund (FLM) in 10th.  The newly elite Market Vectors Environment Index Fund (EVX) is in 7th place today.  Thanks for reading and good luck this week.

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