Friday, October 11, 2013

Cristoforo Columbo

In the Santa Maria, with his fleet of the Nina and Pinta alongside, explorer Christopher Columbus left Spain in 1492 and the rest is great history – and yes for all our trivia buffs, his real name was Cristoforo Columbo. 

As the respective stances that caused our partial Federal Government shutdown hopefully continue to ease and we head into this Columbus Day weekend, we wanted to help some of our readers discover a fleet of our own applications that may currently be off their radar screens.

For the benefit of a broad audience, each day we generally highlight the top-ranked, equity ETFs as ranked by their overall ETFG Quant scores.  However, many of our users prefer to peel the onion one layer below and analyze, select and position many of their ETF positions by one of the models underlying categorical scores.  That is, below the surface of the ETFG Quant Model, the cornerstone of our overall ETF ratings and rankings, you will find four key categories of analysis:  Behavioral Finance, Fundamental, Global Themes and Quality

You can access and utilize these sub-rankings through a few different touch points: 
  • Tearsheets:  Each overall ETFG Quant score is also broken down on the respective ETF’s ETFG Tearsheet, reflecting the overall score and its underlying four component scores
  • Quant Movers:  For more of a peer analysis over a period of time, each of the ETFs covered by ETFG Quant is also able to be analyzed by their respective categorical scores through our ETFG Quant Movers page
  • Dedicated Pages:  For a more macro and collective view, there are dedicated pages for the top 25 ranked ETFs for the Behavioral, Fundamental and Global Themes categories.
Please be sure to take a look.

As for Monday, Columbus Day, our models will be live and updated but ETFG Daily Perspectives will have the day off.  Have a great weekend, enjoy Columbus Day and thank you for reading ETFG Daily Perspectives.

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