Monday, October 7, 2013

ETFG Quant Movers

By looking at changes in ETFGsm Quant, we can get an idea of emerging trends that are climbing within the model.  An easy way to view this information is through the Quant Movers page.  It allows you to see the gainers and losers within the model over various time frames.

Judging by the Total Quant Score change over the past week, two areas seem to moving up the ranks.  Products focusing on Banks and Basic Materials are big winners on both a absolute and percentage change.

On the flip side, the weekly loser list is filled with products that are focused on the Domestic US Market.  They span from Large Cap to Small Cap stocks.

Looking at today's output from Quant, Emerging Market ETFs are occupying the vast majority of the top 10 spots.  While there are some broad based products there, most are more specific focusing on the Asian markets.  Has the tide turned and will we see a reversion of the previous trends?  Time can only tell if Emerging will outperform Developed markets for the remaining of the year.  Quant tends to think so at this point.

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