Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sector Update - Nov

Each month we update the collective performance of the 750+ equity ETFs as segmented by their respective market sector.   Obtaining a quick view of how the various equity sectors have performed in the most recent month is very easy by simply checking the ETFG Heatmap 

By going to the ETFG Heatmap, you can easily see both the performance and the Quant information for all 10 equity sectors.  We calculate the trailing 1 month return each day, aggregate them into various buckets by their respective Asset Class, Region and Sector.  As with most heatmaps, you can quickly see the relative difference between sectors by color and shade.  The key for the ETFG Heatmap is located at the bottom of the page

Let’s look at the performance of some of the sectors for the most recent one month period.  Most striking is the simple fact that all sectors were in positive territory for the most recent month – a fairly rare occurrence. 

The Consumer Staples sector led the pack with a 6.59% trailing one month return, followed by the Industrials sector with a 5.93% return and Telecommunications close behind at 5.44% for the most recent one month period.

The worst but hardly poor performing sector over this most recent one month period was Health Care with a 1.47% trailing one month return.  Close to Healthcare are Basic materials with a 1.61% return and Natural Resources with a 2.32% return

As an aside, the Utilities group continued its roller coaster year by returning to its well performing ways and delivering 4.58% in the most recent month.  You may recall that Utilities were the leading performer up until the summer and then spent the summer in the tank.  

In looking forward for these sectors, currently, the ETF Global® Quant model favors Utilities as a sector followed by Financials and Energy.  Tomorrow, we will take a look at Sector performance and ranking by Geographic Region.

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