Monday, July 7, 2014

ETFG Liquidation Watch List - July 2014

The July ETFG Liquidation Watch List was posted last week and what a difference a month makes.  The watch list declined to only 50 ETPs, which is the lowest number on the list since April 2013.  Clearly, the equity markets strong performance and direct improvement in the month-over-month trailing twelve month performance of many funds was the driving force.

The July 2014 ETFG Liquidation Watch List again is dominated by Equity ETFs.  The 22 equity funds are spread almost evenly among three categories:  Broad Equity, Sector and Style/Strategy.  Commodity ETPs have the second largest representation on the list with 12 funds.  Additionally, there are 9 Fixed Income ETPs, 5 Currency ETPs and 2 Multi-Asset ETPs that round out the July Liquidation Watch List.

Please review the entire ETFG Liquidation Watch List and thank you for reading ETFG Perspectives!

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