Friday, November 2, 2012

Digging into the top twenty funds in Quant, data miner sees a broad range of sector and country funds.  Quant still seems to favor Asia in general and ranks FXI and GXC in the top 3 positions.  Domestic large cap funds are making a good showing with products in the number 2,5, and 15 ranks (VOOIWB, and SPY).  As far as sectors go, both Technology and Energy continue to score high.

Anyone who has been watching the ETP spaces knows that there has been a lot of closures this year just by reading all the headlines, but has it been unusually high or is it in a normal trend?  Here are some historical numbers to put it into perspective:

Year: Number of Closures
2012: 91
2011: 30
2010: 49
2009: 56
2008: 58

As you can see, this year is definitely a breakout year in turns of closures.  The most notable one would have to be Russell shutting down all but one of their products.  To help keep an eye on this, don't forget to check out our Liquidation Watch.

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