Monday, November 5, 2012

We got all the salt out of the data mine and are fully back to work, many thanks to our Allegheny County spelunkers for keeping the ETFG ore flowing from our western mine. While Hurricane Sandy upended the New York metropolitan area, Quant’s outlook is little changed with the two China funds still sitting atop the rankings.  The iShares Dow Jones Transportation Average Index Fund (IYT) is tied at 10th place but the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average Fund (DIA) has fallen to 145th so we’ll see how this Dow Theory premise plays out.  We were not surprised to see our local Home Depot sold out of generators and D size batteries after the storm but were surprised when the kind old man told us the next truck isn't coming until next week, so those transport companies weren't delivering there.  A look at the ETFG Grey Market functionality can help to keep us out of any funds with large holdings in a company that neglects to see such a ripe business opportunity, we were ready willing and able to be gouged on Halloween.  Later that night our kids were cheering the kind line workers in the MasTec buckets trucks who enabled them to see all their treats when we got home, yea bucket trucks!  Unfortunately it’s so small that no ETF has more than a 1% weighting in this opportunistic company. To check any company's exposure to the world of Exchange Traded Products, simply enter its ticker in the upper right search box and then sort the output by the Equity Weight column. As markets await tomorrow’s US elections, Quant continues to look for the best opportunities which we will deliver to you.  We are now fully functional but as the rest of the tri-state region struggles to recover, our thoughts and prayers go out to all our neighbors who lost so much in the storm.

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