Thursday, January 17, 2013

We spend a lot of time in this space on Quant’s elite top 10 or 25 ranks but we have found that the top 100 have an excellent record of outperforming the market so let’s take a broader look at today’s rankings.

Regular readers won’t be surprised to hear that Quant’s favorite sector this morning is Information Technology.  Out of 33 funds in our Info Tech index, 10 make it into Quant’s top 100 with 2 in the top 10, IGM and SOXX at 7th and 9th place.  We see some more familiar tickers from the energy sector where 9 out of 44 funds make the cut including today’s 1st and 3rd place XOP and PXI.  Making Ben Bernanke happy with their increasing asset prices, Basic Materials is Quant’s third favorite sector this morning with 5 out of 46 funds among the highest 100 rankers and XME tied for 1st place.  Health Care and Industrials have 27 and 24 constituents in their respective ETFG Sector Indices and each sees 4 of those in today’s top 100.  The highest ranking Health Care fund is the 38th place XLV but Industrials does better seeing XLI in 6th place. Quant isn’t too excited about the consumer with one fund from the Discretionary index and one from the Staples index in the top 100 but none in the top 10. Discretionary constituent XRT gets as high as 17th place this morning but the best Staples fund, XLP, only gets as high as 62nd place.  Only one out of 14 Utility funds makes today’s group where PSCU comes in at 89th place.  So Quant is not thrilled by Utilities but it likes them better than Financials and Telecomms that don’t see any of their index constituents anywhere near the top 100.

We like to take a broader look like this from time to time and we hope you find it useful.  If there are any other aspects of our model or the other offerings on ETFG that you would like to see covered in this space, please send us an email to  At ETF Global, we aim to please.

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