Friday, January 18, 2013

When you’re done speaking with your colleagues about Manti Te’o, what do you think of Boeing?  Is the Dreamliner viable?  How about Apple and their walled garden strategy?  People are wondering why Intel is planning to expend so much capital when nobody is buying PCs anymore.  Maybe you are wondering why the ETF Global blog is writing about individual equities and the answer to that riddle is that we are about more than just ETFs.

Whether you are bullish or bearish on these or any other companies, check out our Equity Grey Market Report to see all those ETPs that could have exposure to any stock.  Access the report by entering a ticker in the upper right search box or click on an equity constituent from an ETF Tear Sheet.  You will find some basic trading information and our interactive price chart above the summary of that equity’s ETP exposure expressed as dollar values long, short, net and gross, and as percentages of market cap.  Below that, we get more granular showing all those funds that hold the shares in various ways whose columns can be sorted by clicking on the headers.  This is another way we differentiate ourselves from other sources that only show the funds that actually hold the shares.  People differ on the extent to which leveraged and inverse funds that may not actually hold the shares, but track an index that does, can affect a stock’s trading.  That’s why we include those leveraged an inverse funds and show the leverage factors and implied exposures.  Our users know this is important information and it is only available at ETF Global.  We get a lot of clicks on this report during earnings season as users look for funds to play or avoid when a big earnings announcement hits the wires.

We are also getting feedback from equity investors who don’t use ETFs but like to see how Quant is ranking their favorite sectors or regions.  We looked at sectors in yesterday’s post and are seeing some foreign funds bumping up today so maybe we’ll do another international tour of Quant’s top 100 next week.  Until then, enjoy earnings season and don’t forget to take a look at the ETFG Equity Grey Market Report for any company that holds your interest.  Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend.

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