Thursday, March 7, 2013

So maybe Carl Ichan is responsible for the 40% year to date gain in Dell. The investor announced taking a 6% stake in the computer company with an eye towards scuttling the proposed buyout by the firm’s founder Michael Dell.  Other shareholders have expressed misgivings about the low price being offered.  So what is a shareholder to do when management has the incentive to drive the share price lower?  Should you hold the equity with hopes that dissident shareholders can get a higher price?

We don’t have opinions on such questions but if you are wondering which ETFs have the largest exposure to Dell Inc. check out its ETFGsm Grey Market Report by entering the ticker DELL (or any other ticker) in the upper right search box.  In another way of differentiating ourselves from the competition, we go beyond just those ETFs that hold the shares and show all those that track an index which includes the company.  A leveraged or inverse fund tracking such an index is unlikely to actually hold the shares but people are hedging their positions somewhere along the line.  That’s why we show all those funds and various data points to help you make your own assessment.  Like most pages on our site, you can click on any column header to sort in either ascending or descending order.  In the summary above all that granular detail we show the aggregated long, short, net and absolute exposure as dollar values and percentages of market capitalization.

We’ll let you decide if the stock affects the funds or the other way around.  Our Equity Grey Market Report is just one way we serve even those managers who don’t use ETFs.  We also get positive feedback from such managers who like to follow Quant’s rankings for ideas on sector and regional allocation.  Those investors know that even if you do not use ETFs you can’t ignore them.  We’re glad you don’t ignore us and we’ll take another look at Quant’s favorite names again tomorrow. 

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