Thursday, April 4, 2013

One of the objectives with Daily Perspectives is to give you actionable ideas.  Those primarily come from the predictive ETFGsm Quant and Green Diamond Reward models which have correctly identified the leading sectors and regions of the market since our inception last summer.  Those models are limited to equity ETFs but our reflective Red Diamond Risk Ratings apply to all exchange traded products.  The ETFGsm Scanner is a powerful tool to search by more factors than you will find anywhere else and our indices provide a quick glance at various asset classes, regions and sectors.

ETFs represent the only security type that crosses all those different categories and ETF Global is the only place you can see indices representing them all.  Begin on the homepage with our benchmark ETFG Global 500 Index published under the ticker ETFG500.  It covers the 500 largest exchange traded products by market cap, excluding leveraged and inverse.  It is the world’s only benchmark that crosses all categories so manager’s using ETFs to also cover them all should be happy to be outperforming its’ 5.14% gain this year.  If you manage only equities but cover the globe, don’t feel bad if you are lagging the S&P500 but fell good if you are outperforming the 4.79% ytd gain in the ETFG Global Equity Index.  Clicking the Geographic tab will show indices covering the various regions with their daily and ytd performance and the Sectors tab has even more.  Clicking on any index will bring up its constituents and clicking on any of them will bring up their tear sheet.  Value investors can look for actionable ideas among the laggards while momentum managers will want to click on the green ones to see what’s hot.  The first 3 tabs cover simple market performance indices while the Dynamic tab shows our published smart beta indices based on monthly selections from the ETFGsm Quant model. 

Quant continues to favor broad US market funds despite today’s 1st place rank being held by Switzerland’s EWL.  The low risk theme has become even more pronounced with the average Red Diamond Risk Rating of the top 10 falling to a very low 3.44 and even the top 100 falling down to 3.78; today’s all equity fund average is 4.6.  If you have questions regarding any ETFGsm tools, or ideas on things you want to see, please email us at .  We appreciate the feedback and thank you for being part of ETF Globalsm

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