Monday, July 1, 2013

As we prepare to celebrate the birthday of the USA, today we are celebrating the birthday of ETFGsm. We have actually been around longer but were not yet receiving all the voluminous data to fully run our models.  When European funds were ranking high early in the summer of 2012, we suspected something was wrong but when we got all the data and ran the algorithms on the first day of July, three of them were in the top 10 and several more populated the upper ranks.  They went on to outperform the rest of the world last summer and fall.  Then Quant began to suggests several emerging markets funds for the late fall which also raised doubts but provided stellar returns.  2013 has seen the models favor the US which makes it difficult to outperform the S&P 500 which we hope will continue when we publish our monthly performance reports next week.  We have been highlighting some emerging markets funds in recent days and see several nearing the upper ranks today.

The US still dominates for sure with 7 of today’s top 10 but below those elite ranks we see the WisdomTree Emerging Markets High-Yielding Fund (DEM) jumping 72 positions into 13th place. China and India are tied at 14th place with FXI and INXX, and Egypt’s EGPT is in 19th place.  Vanguard’s Emerging Markets Fund (VWO) is a big mover today gaining 118 positions into 47th place as it has been bouncing around the ranks for the last couple of weeks with an upward bias.  The Powershares BLDRS Emerging Markets 50 ADR Index Fund (ADRE) has seen a more steady move out of the 200s and up through the top 100 to today’s 34th place.  Looking through our Quant page and clicking on tickers will bring up other funds devoted to particular emerging markets. 

We welcome the separation from the US market to hopefully pad our performance numbers like we enjoyed last year but are most concerned with continuing to identify the best areas of the world for your equity allocations.  Power to the people is spreading through those emerging markets with the masses demanding better economic conditions; Quant suggests there’s something happening there.  ETF Globalsm is the emerging name in the investment world bringing the power of big data and quantitative analysis to your portfolio management.  We thank you for being part of our inaugural year and promise even more powerful tools and analytics in our second year.  

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